Monday, May 21, 2012

George Tierny of Greenville South Carolina-Golf Caddy, Insufferable Woman-hating Fuckwit, help make him famous!

From normboyd40 at Daily Kos

A bullying,ignorant misogynist name George Tierney, a golf caddy living in Greenville, South Carolina, has been reduced to begging and threatening to get removed from Google. It seems Mr. Tierney, who calls himself a former golf professional, (Player? Caddy? pro-shop clerk?) decided to do the Limbaugh by attacking Sandra Fluke (fixed spelling) as a "dick sucker" and a "cunt" on his Twitter page. Now he finds that the whole damn world can read what he wrote and he is threatening legal action to get everything covered up. I suppose it's getting real hard to get a date there in Greenville, or maybe his mommy read the page and was displeased. In any event, this diary has no purpose but to call attention to the T-Blogg story and make Mr. Tierney famous. Who knows? Maybe he'll sue Daily Kos too.

Here are the Tweets in question:

More than happy to do my part! Words have consequences, jackass.


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